My dad Chris DeSive

You can find my dad in a older dodge pickup, a ram charger or a Chevy blazer or in a Chevy truck. But more likely in a dodge is where you can find my dad. He’s all ways in a baseball cap covering his red hair all ways in a hoodie when the days get shorter and colder he where's jeans and boots in all climates. When my dad comes home, he is wore out and he smells like coffee, corn and sometimes like oil.He all ways in a positive mood. He’s never in a bad mood he’s in a good frequently in a positive mood.My dad loves the taste of black coffee with just a little bit of creamer in the morning but in the afternoon he has a body armor or tea in the summer. Fall and winter he has coffee all day. I don’t like his coffee and he don’t like the coffee I get. In the fall / winter it’s deer season, so I go and sit with my dad, mom, and Alex. If we talk all you would hear from him is “shhh the deer can hear you.” I tell him, no they can’t we are in a car he says still.So we all just sit in…

The Pond

On the Fourth of July, I was at the pond with my family.  Hailey and I were in the canoe.

I am from poem Huntting

I Am from poem ( Hunting ) The few days before open season You better have your vehicles ready The night before put your outfit out Wake up about 5:00 A.M grab something to eat Hit the road Bub and Torrey follows us down We get there my dad opens the gate Then Torrey gets out and yells My dad told him to be quiet We go up to the hill Torrey and Bub went to the creek     That’s where they sit I told myself that I was not going to sleep Then boom I was out Then I felt someone touch me I started to wake up Then I heard a big bang boom Then I look up down goes a deer Then my dad says See what happens when you sleep Then I give him a mean look